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101 Blog Topic For Blogging

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In this article, we will cover 101 blog topic for blogging. This will help you to get an idea of which blog niche you can make a blog.

Health & Fitness Blog

Weight loss, weight gain, dark circles removal, how to decrease diabetes, how to decrease blood pressure & maintain it.

Beauty Blog Topic

Skincare, blood care, hair care like how to decrease hair fall, how to do makeup, etc.

Business Ideas

How to start a business, from where to make a business card, what will be the cost to start a business.

Start ups & Business News

Which startup require what type of investments, which statup is working on which ideas.

Online Make Money

What are the resources to make money online, what is best demanding online business, make money website like Freelancer, etc.

Education & Career

How to be a doctor, how to be a pilot, how to be chartered accountant and many more.

Product Camparison Blog Topic

You can campare products of two different brand and tell which one is good and why.

Song Lyrics

You can tell about the latest lyrics in market, what you feel about that lyrics, who has written about lyrics, etc

Gadget Review Blogs

You can review about mobiles, laptop, headphones, watches, and virtual assistant like alexa, siri, etc

Automobile Reviews

Bike & car reviews like best selling car and bikes, best SUV car under $40,000, you can campare two different brands of Automobiles.

Mobile Help Blog Topic

You can write blogs on mobile problem and how to solve it by giving tips and tricks on it.

Entertainment Reviews

You can give movie reviews, song reviews, real life movies name, best horror movies and many more.

Life Couch Blog Topic

You can write blogs on personality development and motivational articles like how to increase confident, how to make new and good friends, etc

Job Vacancies

Write blog on private and Government jobs, how to apply for jobs, etc.

Trending News

Any news which is trending you can make blog on that topics.

Mystery Blog Topic

You can make blog on Aliens, UFO, Iceman, unresolved mysteries, conspiracy theories, etc.

Top 10 Blog Topic

Top 10 politicians, Top 10 actors, Top 10 romantic movies, etc

How To Blog

Tutorial Blog Like how to make emails, how to make YouTube channel, etc

Technology Explain

How printer works, how electric car works, how 3D lens words, also you can tell science behind that technology

Travel Blog Topic

Best places to visit in India, best travelling bags, how to travel in low budget, etc

Cooking and Recipes Blog

How to make Indian foods, what food can students make easily in Hostels, etc

Interview Question Collections

Job interview question and answers, top interview asking questions, etc

Relationship Advice

Advice on love and dating, how to talk to girls, which type to gift to offer to partner, where to take in first dating, etc

Men Fashion Blog

Hairstyle tips, how to dress for party, how to dress for interviews, etc

Finance and Investments

Where to invest money, how to open bank account, how to save tax, how to invest in stock trading, etc

Celebrity Information

Celebrity’s age, height, weight, net worth, girlfriend or boyfriend, marriage, etc


Successful people biography like Mark Zuckerberg, Steve jobs, Elon musk, and many more

Agriculture Blog Topic

How to do agriculture, which crop to grow and when, Government support schemes to support agriculture, etc

Festival Wishes

You can write article in every festivals like Christmas, holi, diwali, etc

Android Apps

Video editing apps, best gaming apps, best app for students, best online dating apps, etc

Astrology Blog Topic

You can write blogs on Astrology like horoscope, numerology, plam reading etc

Religious Places

You can write blog on temples, gurudwara, church, etc like in which time to visit, how to go there and many more

Sports Blog Topic

Cricket, football, etc games updates, Players lifestyle like wives or husband, etc

Social Media Blog Topic

WhatsApp status and Facebook status collections, best Facebook groups, how to start Facebook, etc

Kitchen Tips

Best LPG connection, how to decorate kitchen, best utensils to buy, how to maintain kitchen, etc

Online Courses

best online course to learn photography, best online course to learn photoshop, top online courses to learn data science, online degree ke liye best university etc

Political News Blog Topic

You can post blog articles on politics and give them all updates of political news.

Study Materials

Provide all the collections, tools and materials for upcoming exams

Local Area Blog Topic

Best places to visit in your local area, where is dance classes in your local area, etc

Parenting Blog Topic

How to take care small child, what to feed in which age, healthy foods for children, best skin care products for child, etc

Pregnancy Blog Topic

pregnancy exercise, weight loss after pregnancy, tips of pregnancy from starting to end, what to eat and not to eat in pregnancy duration

Decoration/ Interior Design/ Home Decor/ Craft Blog

How to decorate home, how to make key chain holder, and many more too

Gaming Blog Topic

Best game reviews, best android games, best pc setup for playing games, new games reviews, best xbox games, etc

Sewing Blog Topic

How to sew cloths, how to sew cotton clothes, how to make carry bags, how to sew jeans, etc

Wedding Blog Topic

Keep this think in mind before selecting dresses, how to select wedding destination, what to gift in wedding and many more

Yoga and Meditation Blog

Yoga for increasing height, yoga for weight loss, yoga to reduce belly, benefit of yoga and meditation

Language Learning Blog

How to learn english, english grammar tips, best app to learn english language or any other language, conversation between two people, etc

Gardening Blog Topic

How to grow for example aloe vera, how to take care of rose flowers, proper way to give water to plants, etc

Spirituality & Law of Attraction

How to be happy in life, what is law of attraction, how to create vision boards and many more

Photography Blog Topic

Photography training, video editing, image editing tips, how to do photography using mobile, etc

Android App Development

How to create android app, how to make money with android app, which platform is best for android app development, etc

Reality TV Blog Topic

All about Reality shows on TV, about their audition dates, audition procedures, latest news gossips eliminations about Contestants etc.

TV Shows Blog Topic

Running TV shows relate news, what can happen in show in future, what will happen in show story in future

Born Today Blog Topic

List of People born today for all days of the year.

Jokes or SMS

Make latest blogs jokes or SMS article (Do not copy of someone else because of copyright issue)

Dancing Tips

Give dance tips, best dancer strategy, best dancing steps (do this blogging with YouTube channel)

Guitar Lessons

Give guitar tips, best guitar strategy, best guitar steps (do this blogging with YouTube channel)

Government Scheme Information

Whatever Government bring scheme you can write detail information about that schemes like benefits, how to apply and many more

Luxury Blog Topic

How rich people live, where they make holidays, the net worth of rich people, article on their wealth, etc

Entertainment Blog Topic

Celebrity Gossips, New Movie Launch Details and related news

Body Building

Exercises, Diet Plans, Fitness & Exercise of Celebrities, Vitamins and Supplements reviews, best exercise for legs, etc

Windows Help And Advice

Windows operating system updates, technical problem solution tips and tricks, windows new update information

Women Blog Topic

successful women biography, women problems and solutions, news related to women etc.

Foreign Education

How to do study from abroad, how to apply for university with process, new application forms updates, etc

Gulf Details

Like how to work in Dubai, how to get VISA, where to live, which job is better and which best companies to work in

Book Summaries/ Lessons

You can give summary of famous books in your own language

Gift Ideas Blog Topic

What to gift in birthday, what to gift to teachers in teacher’s day, what to gift in promotion party, etc

Indoor Games, Fun Challenges & Activities

Games that you can play with your family for example ludo, snake and ladder, truth and dare, etc

Adventure Lover Blog Topic

Where to do trekking, where to go for camping and hiking, where and how to do river water rafting, etc

Home Product Reviews

Detail reviews for whatever you buy, camparing noodles reviews, best toilet paper, online shopping website which you like and why

Money Saving Blog

Like how to save money using credit card, how to decrease tax, expensive product’s best alternatives, etc

Science Blog Topic

Explain all scientific concepts in easiest way possible, updates on new research, innovative products, future technology, etc

History Blog Topic

Blog on historical figures, wars explanation where and when, civilization details, history currency used, etc

Life Hacks Blog Topic

Productivity tips, Uncommon solutions to common problems, how to create First aid box, how to save from any natural disaster like earthquake, etc

Movies Explain / Blunders

You can explain complex science fiction movies, you can point out movie scene mistakes and many more

Programming Blog Topic

Blogging on coding, programming language like Java. (I will suggest use your local langauge if you make blogging on this topic because it is most demanding and you can get huge traffic.)

Easy Maths

Preparation for maths exams, past maths question paper of any exam, tips and tricks to solve maths problems etc

Fight Lovers Blog

Wrestling / Boxing / Fighting Championships related updates, news aur articles – Top 10 WWE Finishers, Top 10 Women Wrestlers in WWE, Best Fights of John Cena, Top 10 Wrestlers brutally beaten up by The Great Khali etc.

Internet Stars

You can write articles on success story of top internet stars who are famous in various social platforms like YouTube, Instagram, etc. You can write there net worth, cars they own and many

Events Blog Topic

Upcoming events updates like college festivals, musicians live concert, standup comedians, from where to buy tickets, etc

Legal Laws

If you are from any lawyer or legal background then you can start blog like how to file Consumer complaint, how to write online harassment complain, etc

Current Affairs & General Knowledge

Nowadays current affairs and GK are more demanding you can write blog in this, also you can give quizzes, Q&A, etc

Apple Product Blog Topic

You can give updates of Apple products, solution to problem of Apple Products, and many more

Group Discussion & Essays

You can write both side points of any Discussion that will help for interviewers, you can also write points of debate which happens in new channel, etc

Dog And Pet Blog Topic

Now a days trend of Dog and pet is growing so you can blog on them like how to take care of pets, puppy diet requirements, etc


Freelancing site reviews, best website for freelance writers, how to work as freelancer, how to increase ratings in freelance website, etc

Magic Tricks

Simple magic tricks that people can do in home like card tricks, number games etc.

Scholarship Updates

Which company or university is giving scholarship, how to apply and eligibility of scholarship, etc

College University Notes & Assignment

For this you need to go to different forums and blogs then you need to compile notes and need to post on your website. (Here you will get lots of traffic)

Real Estate

Homes where you can live, where to buy flats, how to investing in commercial property, how to fill property details, etc

Online Sellers Blog

How to sell your commodity online, how to be seller in Amazon, best company for shipping, marketing tips, etc

Web Series Reviews

Coming shows in Netflix and Amazon, reviews of shows, best show available in Amazon Prime, how to get Amazon Prime for free, etc

MLM Reviews & Tips

There are lot’s of Multi-level marketing or direct selling companies you can blog on like best MLM companies, Fraud MLM companies, etc

Important Days Blog Topic

All important dates of history or important dates of specific events like “World Health day”, when that dates had come in consideration, etc

Software Reviews & Tutorial Blog

best software to download youtube videos, best audio editing software for windows – free & paid (provide always free link of download), how to edit audio using audacity, how to convert .mobi to .epub using calibre software, etc

Excel Tutorials Blog

Give blog articles on Excels like formula to use addition, how to merge cells, etc (you can use your country’s language to write blogs as it is technical field)

Comic and Anime Blog Topic

Different comic superhero and shows coming details, best comic and anime in market, etc

Website Reviews/ Suggestions

website to download free images, website to download Facebook videos, website to convert pdf to doc online, website to download youtube videos, best websites when you are bored, etc.

If you guys have any suggestions or any issue you can contact me I will help you to decide which topic will be good for you.

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